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CETC Successfully Presented at 2016 Chile Aerospace Exposition

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2016 Chile Aerospace Exposition was held in San Diego, Chile from Mar 29 to Apr 3, 2016. Zhao Ming, the Chairman of CETC International leading the group of institutes as NRIEE, CTI of CETC and external cooperated entities attended the exposition.

Focusing on the market demand of Latin America, CETC designed a package of protection and security system solutions based on its international resources pool and one consistent identity. The selected presenting products include C4I Network Deployment, Air-Protection, Military Telecom System, Emergency Telecom System, Electronic Warfare Systems, Frontier Protection, Seacoast Protection, Special Aircraft solutions, highlighting star products as warning aircraft, land-based air protection radar, weapon identifying radar, portable satellite telecom equipments and emergency telecom equipments.

The opening ceremony was held on the first day of the exposition, with Chile President Michelle Bachelet, Chile Defense minister and other governmental and military executives attending. The CETC booth welcomed representative groups from a dozen of countries, including Chile President, Chile Defense minister, Chile Commander-in-chief of Air Force, Paraguay Defense Minister, Mexico Commander-in-chief of Air Force, the Chinese ambassador to Chile, the Chinese Military Attache to Chile and so on. CETC also discussed cooperation with clients from various kinds of arms in this market. The participation to the exposition increases CETC’s brand recognition and influence greatly and lays the foundation for developing South America market.

Zhao Ming, the Chairman of CETC International meets Chile President, Chile Defense minister, Chile Commander-in-chief of Air Force.

Zhao Ming, the Chairman of CETC International attends the opening ceremony of the exposition.

Zhao Ming, the Chairman of CETC International introduces the exhibition content to the Chinese ambassador to Chile and Political Commissar of Eastern Area of Chinese Air Force.

CETC’s Presentation to Chile Commander-in-chief of Air Force Chile Police Commissioner visits CETC’s Booth.

Mexico Commander-in-chief of Air Force visits CETC’s Booth CETC promotes projects to Paraguay Defense minister.

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