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President XI Jinping visited HIKVISION

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At 5pm on 26th May, the President XI Jinping arrived at HIKVISION D&R Centre to inspect the enterprise, which is the most famous nationwide and the largest company worldwide in video surveillance industry.

In HIKVISION Exhibition Centre, President XI showed his great interest.

Guided by CEO Mr.CHEN Zongnian and General Director Mr.HU Yangzhong of HIKVISION, President XI listened carefully to their report of HIKVISION development history. By the end of 2001, the 52nd Institute of CETC seized the opportunity to take a step into digital video surveillance industry. 28 backbone employees of the Institute created this company at first.

After just 14 years, with the lead of Mr. HU Yangzhong team, the HIKVISION staff made their great effort by continuous reform and innovation to keep developing and enlarging the company. Driven by the technology innovation strategy, HIKVISION had already achieved many fruitful results: Top 1 company for the core products DVR in 2005; IPO in 2010; Famous mark in the worldwide video surveillance industry; profit of 0.9 billion dollars in 2014.

Numerous statistics reflect the outstanding results and products of HIKVISION.

Mr.CHEN Zongnian confirmed that in the past five years, HIKVISION had witnessed the annual profit composite gain rate of 50%. Thanks to the government support and accurate strategy, HIKVISION had these brilliant achievements. Moreover, relying on the CETC group and with a friendly development environment in Zhejiang province, the company would make more glorious profit.

After inspection of the video surveillance system, the Smart City facilities and the system solution for worldwide video internet of objects, President XI praised HIKVISION highly of the continuous reform and innovation strategy and hoped HIKVISION continue the courageous attempt.

He also attended a report meeting of Dr. PU Shiliang. Only 37-year-old,Dr. PU is now expert on image processing and intelligent recognition.

President XI was so cheerful when he was told that this young elite team was researching on the possible technologies in the future. He told to the researchers, when he worked in Zhejiang Province, the government proposed a policy based on the considerable survey, which aimed to take the advantage and make up the weakness. Young talents should try their best to make it done and keep pace with the times.

He pointed out that, we should develop in a dural and continuous way with quality and profit. Such development needs the innovation and talents. We should protect and respect our intellectuals and the realization of China Dream could be expected soon.

Dr.PU and his team were far more excited after Xi’s speech. He hadn’t expected that President XI would visit HIKVISION, he was surprised that our President knew about the technology he mentioned in his report and he didn’t believe that the President was so kind and care for the young generation.

During about 1 hour, President XI experienced the practice and development in electronic industry made by CETC group. In the end of the visit, he came to the hall to say goodbye. The HIKVISION staff was very encouraged and inspired.

Mr Chen Zongnian was excited and thankful: “President XI’s visited means a full appreciation and support for CETC group and HIKVISION. As a state- owned company, we understand that reform and transformation cannot be accomplished in one day and should continue. In the future, we will still do our best to fulfill our mission and take responsibilities for our society and government.”

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